From Vikings to Roses

Last week saw the start of a new series of posts on crimson’s history featuring the Jerningham family. Though the series begins in the colourful courts of the Tudor monarchs, it progresses back, tracing the family to its Viking roots. Both historical and genealogical in its approach, it is above all an enquiry.

Last week, in Foundations 1: The Family, I defined the subject. This week I follow the history of the Jerningham’s manor of Cossey. From the early days of the Vikings when the Great Army’s co-leader Guthrum ruled East Anglia as king. Through the reign of Edward Confessor when Harold Godwinesson, Earl of East Anglia, held his court at this same manor. Through the clash of Norman and English, and the resultant wave of Bretons who came to settle, one of them rising to almost the equal of the kings; he and his dynasty also governed East Anglia from here. Through to the severing of Breton ties, and the internal dissents of the Houses of York and Lancaster; for this same manor was held by Edmund, last of the Yorkist hope. After his death it came to the Jerninghams.

Follow the story in Foundations 2: The Manor.

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