Christmas Games


Upwords (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Nuke the Board

‘Nuke the Board’ is a festive form of Scrabble or Upwords. The rules are this:

Every word used must in some way relate to the festive season.

Sounds easy? Yet before long you’ve run out of festive words. As the alcohol flows and inhibitions are forgotten, even prim Aunt Em resorts to using bodily functions, the kind that result from an excess of booze and food. Long before there is a winner the explanations of how the words connect to the current festivities are at the best absurd. And by then everyone is laughing amid much side-splitting.

But why ‘Nuke the Board’? It happened like this:

Jo was left holding U. K. E. There was no place for them except to use the N of WINE to make NUKE.

“Come on, Jo, how does Nuke related to Christmas?”

“Well,” she said. “As we know, Rosie’s ex is still giving her grief. And he knows we girls get together for a drink Boxing Day. So he’ll come here. And he’ll see her enjoying herself, playing this. And he’ll be that pissed off, he’ll Nuke the Board. Boom-boom!” She held out her arms in the hope of receiving applause.

Jo’s was the last go. Nuke won the game.

Happy New Year! And let’s keep the Nuke’s on the board.

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