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Christmas Games

Nuke the Board ‘Nuke the Board’ is a festive form of Scrabble or Upwords. The rules are this: Every word used must in some way relate to the festive season. Sounds easy? Yet before long you’ve run out of festive … Continue reading

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Solstice Message

The sun has left, has gone away cold and darkness rules the day the earth is hard, the trees are bare bleak and barren winter’s here. But light the fire and watch it burn and know the sun will yet … Continue reading

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The Guy in the Barbed Wire Hat

It was the week before Christmas and the town-centre bar was busy. Late-night shoppers, colleagues meeting before the ‘works’ Christmas dinner’. In the next booth were four women, two men, all in their tinsel, each glowing louder with every new … Continue reading

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Be banished, He bellowed

For those following Neve, Chapter Three: Be banished, He bellowed . . . Doctor Filbert lived in Yalesham, in Newtown, north off the High Street, in a bungalow 1970’s built. There was something about the man, with his florid face, … Continue reading

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Tattered Remnants

Tattered remnants of desiccated leaves reluctant to loose their grip on old familiar trees afraid to cast their lot upon the vagrant winds of fall and gracefully to return to the Mother, source of all.

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Widow Cob’s Cat

I had intended to post only the odd excerpt from the time-slip fiction, Neve (see Skimaskall the Last Dragon, and Guy de Hamahall). But then I found this ‘Section of the Bayeux Tapestry’ – and it’s public domain! Why the excitement? … Continue reading

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Little Jack Horner

Little Jack Horner Sat in a corner Eating his Christmas pie He stuck in his thumb And pulled out a plum All covered in nuts He later died from anaphylactic shock.

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Skimaskall the Last Dragon

Skimaskall, the Last Dragon is the front end of the time-slip story from which Guy de Hamahall is taken. This wasn’t how I originally planned it. But I felt it more important to get the time-slip element up front, rather than character and setting … Continue reading

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Inspiration Called Today

Inspiration called today. You were not here, You’d gone away, Gone away to distant isles Where inspiration hangs on trees And you can pluck it from the breeze. Inspiration call today You were not here, It did not stay

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From Hobbits back to Lord of the Rings

With the launch of The Hobbit I’m reminded of a niggle I had with Lord of the Rings film. Not that I’m knocking it. PJ and team with their commentaries helped me through the dark days after viral burn-out of brain. But, this … Continue reading

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