Author’s Log Entry 14,443

English: Two angels

English: Two angels (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


The following post might cause mental indigestion.


Tub-thumping, Atheism v Religion
Angel Revival
Quantum Angels

But first, a note for those readers who’ve browsed my previous post, Angel in the Park: do not mistake my character’s beliefs for my own. Besides, after centuries of obscurity, angels are hot stuff again. Certainly in fantasy fiction, but amongst New Age spiritualists. You might think that odd in an age rampant with atheism. But it’s not.


Now I promise not to stay too long on the soap-box, but consider this. Richard Dawkins and his coterie of God-haters might be happy getting off on the amazing science that underlies the rainbow – but since when has amazement equalled a spiritual experience. Rather, amazement is to the spirit what the Phoenician alphabet is to Pascal or Assembler C++ . It’s not just that these folk are 2000 years behind the times – the same things were said by Lucretius (died 55 bce); Cicero, while agreeing, advocated such talk should be kept between the intelligentsia for fear, without the state religion, the masses might rebel. They also ignore a pertinent feature of human nature: As a species, we’ve evolved with a need for religion that has nothing to do with clinging to childhood stories in fear of our approaching, all-obliterating death. Rather, I’d say it’s our need for some entity, some being, beyond ourselves. In Freudian terms, a projection of our internal parent-image upon the external universe.

Angel Revival:

So while the aforementioned atheists are busy trashing our beliefs, the recently belief-bereaved are turning elsewhere to satisfy their needs. Hence the recent rise of ufology, with the accompanying belief that aliens are come as our guides, like parents, to save us from our folly.

Others, including the various brands of New Age spiritualism, perhaps feeling that the Christian Church has failed them, now turn to upgraded versions of the personal gods that used to lurk around the Middle East in times long past, and call these parental-type guides, angels.

Okay, I’ve stepped down off my soapbox. So let’s return to angels in fantasy fiction.

These come in two types: the personal god type, as mentioned above; and the fallen angel beloved of dark gothic. Almost exclusively these latter types have been inspired and engendered by the Book of Enoch. Despite being widely known in Medieval Europe, the Book of Enoch was discarded as irrelevant when King James Bible was being compiled. However, it has recently ‘come to light’ and been translated to English.

But, the angels that populate my fiction are neither of these. No, mine are more what you’d call . . . Quantum Angels.

As with all fictional characters, these Quantum Angels have a backstory, a mythology, based, not surprisingly, upon quantum theory – and before anyone posts a comment to tell me I’m not understanding the theory, yes, I know. That’s the whole point of it, it’s called the Big Bang of Humour: two disparate facts clash. So, here’s how my angels were formed.


Quantum Angels:

About five or six years ago I was reading a book, Introduction to Quantum Theory, or QT for Idiots, or some such (I didn’t note the title or the author, not expecting to reference it). Thing was, at the time my brain was recovering from its own quantum event (a virus). So it didn’t quite grasp what the author was saying. But, dysfunctional though my brain was, through its cobbling together of three misunderstood parts of QT my Quantum Angels were born.

Item 1: Events micro-seconds after the Big Bang.

During these first gasps of new (or renewed) existence the various forms of mass-energy, all excited in the heat, went harum-scarum, slam into each other, thereby creating +/- pairs. But in micro-short time their fun was done. For all this activity was fired by heat, and their ardour had been gobbling it up. With the temperature cooling, there wasn’t the energy for banging (into each other), so no more new pairs could be formed. But worse, and alas, and this is the point, most of the couples were then annihilated. (Don’t cry, for 1 in 1010 of the original protons and neutrons survived.)

Item 2: Dark Energy

This assumed-or-thought-to-exist energy is assumed-or-thought-to permeate all of space. Theorists believe it’s involved in the acceleration and expansion of the universe. This hypothetical energy accounts for an entire 73% of the total mass–energy of the universe. Hold that figure in your head.

Item 3: Dark Matter

The equally hypothetical dark matter – not to be confused with ‘the awful dark that emanates from Mordor’ – is termed dark because it cannot be seen. It can’t be seen, it can’t be measured, it is invisible. Yet its existence can be inferred, rather like sex appeal, by its effect upon other matter. But, though invisible and un-measureable, it is believed to constitute a massive (which here isn’t used as hyperbole) 84% of all matter in the universe, and 23% of the mass-energy.

See Wikipedia’s entries on Dark Energy, Dark Matter, and Big Bang.

Retrieved from NASA online: http://www.nasa.go...

Are you good at sums? Then add 23% of mass-energy (Dark Matter) and 73% of mass–energy (Dark Energy). So are the theorists are saying that 96% of the mass-energy in the universe is actually hypothetical? Cogito ergo 4% sum.

Now to my equally hypothetical theory of Quantum Angels.

1: The annihilated mass-energy of those first micro-seconds wasn’t really annihilated. It was transformed into spiritual matter, to become the missing Dark Mass-Energy.

2: In the dying heat of the moment this Dark Mass-Energy zoomed off into another dimension – the Dark Spirit Dimension.

3: This missing Dark Mass-Energy, permeating the universe – in its own dimension – cannot be seen by atheist scientists because IT IS SPIRIT!. And that spirit in you, and me, and the birds, and the trees, in the cats, and the dogs, the fish, and the bees, in the spiders and the snakes, in the rocks, and the sea, in the air, and the planets, the suns – yep, even in aliens.

Just think about it.

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5 Responses to Author’s Log Entry 14,443

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  2. Judy says:

    Is 14,443 meaningful? Curious.


  3. Judy says:

    I have tended to feel that If there is one truth that one day science will observe what religion believes. One way or another we are all seekers with an inkling of something beyond ourselves. I heard an apt expression once called ‘The God of the Gap,where God exists in the minds of men in the narrowing space of phenomena which science has not yet explained. Science and faith do drawn on that same desire to understand the unknowable, but hopefully not to elimination of faith or our sense of wonder.


    • crimsonprose says:

      Particularly not to the exclusion of wonder. I believe that awe, in its original sense, is what underpins our religious impulse. I’ve spent my life split between empirical science and that wonderful feeling that arises inside me. It has been the spur to explore other cultures, other beliefs, past and present, and whacking amounts of modern cosmology e.g. quantum physics. About 10 years ago I formulated my own belief system that pulls together all I’d learned. In that respect I’d call myself a druid, for they were the great philosophers, admired by Greeks and Romans alike (unfortunately, they were also staunch freedom fighters, and who can blame them). I think my friend ‘Iris Einstein‘ has something to say on that too. But she’s shy as yet of appearing.(So many words, so few hours!)


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