Odd Jotting 1


Gosh, two followers already and the blog’s less than a fortnight old! But now I know why many writers refuse to blog – it cuts into ‘write time’. Which is why my initial intention was to use this blog only to post my prose, old and new, while learning the mechanics for when I need it in earnest. I did not intend to blog personal stuff. Yet I feel compelled, ergo this.

Is it just me, am I that outdated? For while I like WordPress for its look, versatility and vast community – easy to visit other sites, no log-in, log-out, wipe the mud off the boots – I’m not finding the controls intuitive or easy to use. But then, I am that extreme monotreme (platypus) who, when the other mammals said they’d grow breasts and give birth to live young, stubbornly refused, saying, “No, I’ll stick with the eggs and the milk-soaked patches.” Ironic really, since my first pc plugged into a candle and the commands were given in DOS (pre-Windows). Then my brain caught a virus, the virus destroyed pathways, which isolated my favourite chocolate pudding – oops, I mean, brain cells – and left me in a dark and echoing cave with only the bats for company. On a plus, I’ve saved a fortune in face-packs and hairspray!

And now, smack the wrists and get on with The Book. Now working on draft number six!

About crispina kemp

Spinner of Asaric and Mythic tales
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2 Responses to Odd Jotting 1

  1. Brian Bixby says:

    It is a battle between writing, and reading and browsing and blogging and anything else but writing . . .


    • crimsonprose says:

      I had to glance back to this to see what I’d written. Has it really been such a short time? Yea and I’m still learning. A month on and I’m even more surprised at how CP has been received, and both you and Russell have been very supportive, which is much appreciated.


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